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Steam Bacon Tofu

steam bacon tofu

Steam Bacon Tofu

steam bacon tofu 1

1. Ingredient: Tofu (one box), Four pieces bacon, Green Onion and Garlic, Rice wine, salt, White pepper, sugar. 2. chopped bacon and green onion to small pieces. 3. cut all tofu as small cube as shown in step 3 biol it with cold water and slat. steam bacon tofu 2
4. Drain tofu, put them in bowl. 5. heat oil and stir fry garlic and green onion. 6. add bacon first then rice wine, slat, white pepper…

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SEO is not just ranking and traffic

 today i received about 40 organic traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing, Although i have no idea why this happened, and which back links effect my domain a lot, after i switch domain to https, almost all the ranking dropped a little, but now they are keeping up.

 I want to know is that long tail keyword bring the change? I need to do more specific test on that. I will post some articles with anchor text or long tail keywords to see the effect.  Chinese moon cake festival story 2014/ Ancient China travel culture facts information about China/ Authentic Chinese food cooking recipes website free

 Why do you do SEO, for Traffic? Skills, Money? I am seeking for Skills for about 15 months, I make less than $10 on from my site, and get failed for few times, I am always want to know, What can i do with great SEO Skills, What results the Great SEO skills will bring me, How many Traffic I can get? Today i do feel pressure from Those organic traffic, I realize i need to make much more better content to show my visitors. What’s my goal? Introduce Real China.

 Sometimes i really want to do something to my race, China, I know they did a lots of thing bad, most of them are need right knowledge to live and begin to know god, I do agree with JW.org’s Opinion, Why do human want to know the meaning of Life? We only have short time to live on the earth then go to dust, why we are here and where are come? In the world, Only Bible have answer, the right answer. 

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Finally get right title for my blog

I worked on my website title for few days, now i get it, it is facts about china, information about china, because i will post a lot of articles about china, i try to make enough money from Google, but it not worked so far, maybe not worked at all, so i opened my store on that blog and edit a brand new homepage, but for the products, i need to know how to make pro picture for that, then upload them, I did finished keyword searching for them, but i am not sure this is the business i asking for.

Talk to daddy tonight about china, there are a lot of changes in the government, in another word, the government has been monitored well much better than before, the central government have much more strong power to control local government, this is a good thing, because the people in china, is not satisfy the recently environment and policy, the food, the education, pollution problems.

I hope this world can be managed by god’s kingdom, Jesus is the one to changed all the country on the earth finally, i hope i can see the people re spawn. i miss my grandma