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Finally get right title for my blog

I worked on my website title for few days, now i get it, it is facts about china, information about china, because i will post a lot of articles about china, i try to make enough money from Google, but it not worked so far, maybe not worked at all, so i opened my store on that blog and edit a brand new homepage, but for the products, i need to know how to make pro picture for that, then upload them, I did finished keyword searching for them, but i am not sure this is the business i asking for.

Talk to daddy tonight about china, there are a lot of changes in the government, in another word, the government has been monitored well much better than before, the central government have much more strong power to control local government, this is a good thing, because the people in china, is not satisfy the recently environment and policy, the food, the education, pollution problems.

I hope this world can be managed by god’s kingdom, Jesus is the one to changed all the country on the earth finally, i hope i can see the people re spawn. i miss my grandma